Baha'is making fool of Pakistan and Pakistani people.

Baha'is sowing the seeds of Baha'ism in the innocent hearts of Pakistani Children and Pakistani government is awarding them with more money!

Grant, scholarships announced for Baha'is!!!!!!?

Islamabad : The Bahai community celebrated their festival of Eid-e-Rizvan here on the Pakistan National Council of the Arts premises, where Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf was the chief guest.

Greeting the followers of Bahai religion on the festival, the minister expressed joy at the presence of prominent personalities of other communities, including Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Parsi.

He said minorities were enjoying equal rights in the country as Islam was a peaceful religion giving equal rights to all communities.

He announced Rs500,000 for the welfare of Bahai community, besides offering scholarships to its students.

MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankvani said five per cent quota reserved for non-Muslims in government jobs should be enhanced. According to information available, Eid-e-Ridvan is a 12-day festival in the Baha'i faith, commemorating the religion's founder, Baha Ullah's, declaration that he was a divine manifestation. It begins at sunset on April 21 and continues until sunset on May 2.

The Baha'i founded US defence contractor

One seeker after reading above pages, commented :
Are the Tayebis involved with the Administrative Order or are they individual actors who have enriched themselves in the arms trade?

You can find many individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion.

On the other hand, there are Bahá’ís who have actively paved the way for conflict with the blessing of the Administrative Order. The weapons inspector David Kelly comes to mind.
Masood Tayebi
Saeid Ghafouri, Massih Tayebi
 Answer by N. Wahid Azal

No Haifan Baha'i can so much as lift a finger or let out air without the nod and blessing of the Haifan "Administrative Order." If they were acting against the interests of this cult's politburo, they would be sanctioned, publicly humiliated and thrown out. As it stands the Tayyebis have neither been sanctioned or thrown out so it would appear that the "Administrative Order" views these things with complaisance. The Tayyebis aren't the only ones either. However, this particular family also happen to be related to a Sangsari Iranian Baha'i clan whose corruption under the Pahlavi regime as a cosa nostra crime syndicate was one that the "Administrative Order" then did nothing about since it appears that the "Administrative Order" under the tutelage of Habib Sabet-Pasal (the Iranian NSA's secretary-general from 1953 after the coup against Mossadegh to 1978) was in business with these very same people.

Given this, and numerous other examples, the claim that "individuals of various religions who engage in activities contrary to the precepts of their professed religion" is a non sequitur which does not really fly in the case of Haifan Baha'ism since Haifan Baha'ism is not really a religion at all but a cult which has for over a century masqueraded itself under a belief system when it is really a shady business engaging in arms dealing, espionage, and similar. After all Baha'ullah himself is documented to have engaged in such underhanded shady business activities while operating as the don of a mafia during the Baghdad period (1853-63). This was also one of the reasons why the Ottomans decided to move them from Iraq to Turkey on the Black Sea.

That aside, why don't you write your NSA and ask them about the Tayyebis and Kratos, and post the answer here when they respond.

Also ask them about this woman who is a contractor for the US departments of Defense as well as Homeland Security.

Another point to mention is that many of these aforementioned people also have direct, established and intimate ties to the "regime change" crowd in government and the private sector. In the case of the Abedians of Australia this is also due to their close business relationship with the royal family of the United Arab Emirates (particularly Dubai's) whose underhanded attempts against the Islamic Republic of Iran is well documented. This crowd of people are also linked closely to assorted anti-Iran Israeli lobbies and think-tanks, in the United States as well as Australia and elsewhere, and they are among the same crowd of Baha'i business people reaping the most benefits by Donald Trump scrapping America's role in the Iran Deal and attempting to position the US, Israel and their regional allies for possible regime change and war against Iran.

Those with money and those without it are treated completely differently within this cult. This is because Bahaism from its inception has always been a criminal kleptocracy. So while this system keeps rank-a-file plebs in line by keeping them preoccupied with the smokescreen of Bahaism qua "religion", the actual elite of the system make business and sells arms -- as well as many other things.

Source :

Guardians of the Iranian American Scholarship Fund, extreme right Masood and Haleh Tayebi, they collect money then use it for Baha'is.

Queen of England grants the title of ‘MBE' to a Baha'i Teacher who converted Christians to the Baha'i Faith in Vanuatu.

Baha'i Teacher is awarded by the Queen for converting people to Bahaism.

Mr Pierce was recognised for four decades of education services to Vanuatu, the country he called home for more than half his life.

The 77-year-old Englishman said after travelling throughout Asia in his younger days, he discovered the Baha’i faith, and it was through this faith he began his journey of teaching abroad.

He now calls Albany home and has done so for the past five years, in-between trips to Vanuatu.

“I’m a teacher by trade, and I heard through my Baha’i faith that people were needed in the Pacific, to help develop and grow the Baha’i people in the community,” he said.

“So I lived and worked for a year in Vanuatu, married my wife in Australia a year later in 1968, then in 1971 went back to Vanuatu and stayed there for 42 years.”

Counselor Navid Serrano feels that he is elected to the UHJ ! 😀

Why was Praveen Mallik promoted to the UHJ?

Praveen Kumar Mallik celebrating his "election" to the Baha'i Supreme Body.

Praveen Kumar Mallik with his supporters in India.

A step towards controlling the radical Iranian Baha’is in India!

Election rigging is an act of dishonestly organizing an election to get a particular result. It is an electoral fraud and an interference with the election process. In the Baha'i Faith, the elections are NOT rigged because there are NO elections in the first place! The whole election process is an orchestra, in which the elected members are pre-decided, and the ballots are not even counted.

Like every previous International Convention, this year, it was pre-decided to induct Praveen Kumar Mallik as the new UHJ member.

To justify the result of the "selection process", desired member, Praveen Mallik was inducted into the ITC. This gave Baha'is the idea that such a person is on the waiting list.

It was expected that very soon the UHJ will elevate the Indian ITC member from Bihar a very politically sensitive state of India to the UHJ. For a common Baha'i this has come as a shocker because Praveen Mallik has no Baha'i credentials to get elected to the UHJ. It is not possible that the members of NSA of US and Europe will vote for him. It is unimaginable that any of the Indian NSA members would have voted for Praveen. There are many sincere and knowledgeable Baha'is worldwide to take up this position, but the UHJ has always been denying them for the reason known only to them.


1 - To stop the downward trend of the Baha'i Faith in India

UHJ is trying hard to uphold the ever decreasing trend of the Baha'i faith in India, where the last census data, conducted by the Government of India had just shown 4572 Baha'is in the country. The emerging of various Baha'i sects worldwide and particularly in India has shaken the beliefs of the ordinary Baha'is. These new and upcoming sects amongst the Baha'is i.e. Orthodox Baha'i Faith, Baha'is Under the Provision of Covenant, Reform Baha'is, and the Free Baha'i Faith are giving sleepless nights to the Baha'i Administration.

2 - To have a check on activities of the Persian Baha'is in India

Persian Baha'is like Mr. B. Afshin, Mr. Jabbar Eidelkhani, Dr. Ahmed Ansari and Mr. Lesan Azadi are active in teaching and spreading the faith. Brilliant reports are submitted of their work although the official statistics prove otherwise. In short, Praveen will carry out the responsibility of harassment, which earlier were used to be carried out by R. N. Shah against the Persian Baha'is.

It is a trend in India that once a counselor is relieved of his responsibility, he will be sent to serve the NSA of India. Mr. Rasheed Lateef, Mr. Bhaskaran and Mrs. Zena Sorabjee were once Counselors and now serving the NSA; except Borhanoddin Afshin who was also a counselor, but was never selected for the NSA. He was even humiliated and banned from visiting places. Even his wife was denied permission for attending many conferences despite her remarkable service in India.

Similarly, Dr. Ahmed Ansari was removed from the NSA, just for being a Persian Baha'i. Even his delegate election was manipulated and the UHJ instructed that if he gets elected as a delegate, he will be asked to resign.

Some years back, Mrs. Farida Vahedi, another sincere Persian Baha'i was asked to resign from the NSA of India. Mr. Sohail Mohajer, brother of a UHJ member Payman Mohajer, was booted out of the NSA.

One more example is Lesan Azadi who was removed from the post of ABM and was never appointed for any administrative post, even though other ABMs were given the opportunity of holding some position in the faith.

3 - Cleansing the UHJ from the Persian Baha'is

Selecting Praveen Mallik will help in cleansing the UHJ from the Persian Baha'is. After the retirement of Mr. Arbab, there was no replacement of a Persian member, and very similarly after the retirement of Firaydoun Javaheri there was no Persian member promoted to the UHJ. The Persian membership in the UHJ has fallen from 5 to 3. Next member to retire would be Payman Mohajer, followed by Shahriar Razavi, and then Ayman Rouhani.

This stroke of UHJ will have a reverse impact, because the Persian Baha'is will be further isolated from the Baha'i Faith, and we should further expect an 'exit by troops' of the Indian Baha'is in the future.

By a former NSA Member of India

Source :

"You have to believe in the Baha'i Faith in order to believe in the Baha'i Faith."

Baha'ism is a highly manipulative cult. It brainwashes its new members by convincing them that the world peace can only be established by the Baha'is and that they have to work for establishing the Baha'i New World Order for this. Below are my findings about Baha'u'llah and his cult:

Baha'u'llah took on the title "Him who God will make manifest" a title that he claimed could not be challenged and the Bab said that his (The Bab's) rule would last at least 2000 years, just like what Baha said, Baha says that god changed his mind. There is an Arabic word for "God changing his mind" that was used for the 2000 year reign of the Bab. The Bab's laws and religion never got implicated as the Bab pronounced many times. Was God's manifestation wrong? Obviously, according to his jealous, religious, Messiah freak Baha'u'llah, who changed his own name, I will not look up his original name, but you can... it certainly was not "the light of God", "The Glory of God", "The Lord of Hosts" come on people. I could say my name is "Love" and every time you see it in the Bible, it is a direct reference to me... I am God according to the Bible. Using translations and the changing of one's own name is garbage. Baha'u'llah had multiple wives at the same time... do you approve of that? It could not be covered up, search for it, it is just explained away by non-sense, brainwash material. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN THE BAHA'I FAITH IN ORDER TO BELIEVE IN THE BAHA'I FAITH. This is not a play on words. One has to believe this non-sense to continue to accept any non-sense that YOU WILL RUN ACROSS... but it's from God and all disbelievers are fools and bereft of understanding. WAKE UP. READ, really read the Aqdas, why did it take until the 1990's before "The Most Holy Book" was translated in English when myriads of time and money were spent on other books. I will tell you. There were so many unfulfilled prophecies and contradictions within it's own texts that the UHJ put off the English translation until it could be corrected to where the brainwashed Bahai's could accept it. there are older English translations, 2 that I know of, that have entire chapters and paragraphs that were removed from what the UHJ released in the 1990's. These translations were made by very devout believers that had no reason to add or mistranslated any portion of their sacred scriptures... so my question is: Why change the words of God? Answer, they would not appeal to the general public, even though a few things fell through the Baha'i filter. There is an organization that makes sure anything in print gets an approval or not, it may sound good... nope, it's censorship, another thing that any "liberal" thinking Baha'i would be ready to fight to the death to eliminate. You Baha'is are your own worst representatives of hypocrites. There is no Unity, only if you follow like a Baha'i robot, all the rules and a very unhealthy fast... no water, are you kidding. it is hard on your kidneys and does not flush out any of the toxins that a fast would do for you... Baha didn't know this, he was not God. He was an ignorant Messiah complex lunatic that lived during a period similar to the time that the Jews were expecting a Messiah, I am not even going to address Jesus. But The Babi Faith and the 2000 year too quickly, Baha'i Faith all came at a time when another prophet was expected in the Islamic world. These people were ego maniacs, nuts, not messengers for God. Wake up, read, study and open up your eyes to the possibility that you have been deceived! It's just as possible that you were deceived as you were delivered this blessed gift from God. It's a lie, don't trust me, look at the facts my fellow human friends.

I became aware of each of the inconsistencies within my first two years of becoming a Baha'i. This is all true and much, much more. There are reputable news items of brutal murders to cover-up Baha'u'llah's claim to be the successor of the Bab. Mirza Ya Ya was clearly and plainly named by the Bab as his successor. Baha figured out that he could get no where with that title, so he switched tracks and took up the title, "Manifestation of God", and was able to get away with that one. The Baha'i faith is full of lies, changes in doctrines, rewrites of entire "infallible books"... it's sickening I have to just stop. I am embarrassed to had been deceived by this man-made cult by Islamic nut cases that had the messiah complex to the most extreme degree, to lie, kill, My God, it is sickening. Leave this garbage cult, ASAP!

As stated two months ago, Juan Francisco Mora has been elected to the Universal House of Justice.

Newly 'Elected' UHJ - 2018

As stated (predicted) two months ago, Juan Francisco Mora has been elected to the Universal House of Justice.

For those who may or may not be following the Bahá'í History blog, I will refer you to the post from April 22, 2018.

On April 22, the Bahá'í World News Service carried an article announcing the retirement of two members of the Universal House of Justice, Gustavo Correa and Firaydoun Javaheri.

The prediction made there on April 22 was...

Juan Francisco Mora and either Praveen Kumar Mallik or Andrej Donoval will be the next members elected to the Universal House of Justice.

Juan Francisco Mora has been on the International Teaching Centre since 2008.

Praveen Kumar Mallik‎ has been on the International Teaching Centre since 2010.

Andrej Donoval has been on the International Teaching Centre since 2013.

Here is the newest prediction: Andrej Donoval will be the next member elected to the Universal House of Justice.

What amazes me is that when describing the election process, the Bahá'í World News Service uses terms like "in a rarefied and spiritual atmosphere", "following prayers," "Delegates have a period of spiritual preparation before participating in the Convention. This entails time to pray and meditate in the Sacred Shrines in Haifa and Akka as well as to visit historical Baha’i holy places." Yet despite these lofty descriptions, any idiot like me can easily predict the next step in the process.

The Bahá'í World News Service also notes "Baha’i elections are distinctive for their lack of nominations and campaigning. The delegates to the International Convention, made up of the membership of all national Baha’i assemblies, vote by confidential ballot for the nine individuals they believe are best suited for membership on the House of Justice."

As I have noted previously, there is nothing unique in this voting system as it is essentially indistinguishable from the various versions of council democracies or people's democracies, which is the electoral voting model that still exists in Cuba.

In a short while, the Universal House of Justice will appoint to the International Teaching Centre Juan Francisco Mora and Praveen Malik's replacements. Any male replacements will in due time be elected to the Universal House of Justice. And these replacements will themselves undoubtedly come from the ranks of the Continental Boards of Counselors.

Source :

Why I left the Baha'i Faith?

I was a Baha'i for about thirty years prior to the year 2000. We were led to believe that "entry by troops" and the "lesser peace" would happen by the year 2000, meaning that there would be a political peace in the world, and many, many thousands of people would be lining up to join the Baha'i religion.... and in fact, we were encouraged to donate to the building of the Baha'i World Center buildings in Haifa, Israel, because the buildings would be needed to handle the "entry by troops" that was about to happen.

Well, the year 2000 rolled around without any sign of mass conversions, and I finally realized that the people of the world weren't likely to ever convert to Baha'i 'en masse' because it is a repressive, guilt-tripping religion with many laws most people are not interested in signing up to follow. I weaned myself off the Baha'i belief system. It took over ten years to recover from the brainwashing I'd been through.

The Baha'i religion is very paranoid and fearful about their reputation because they want people to join the religion. Unfortunately for them, the internet was invented and knowledge of their imperfection has spread. They even have a "protection" arm of the religion with people appointed to go to communities to warn them about outsiders (mainly former Baha'is) who are dangerous to the religion. Baha'is were encouraged to avoid reading anything they wrote and instructed to entirely shun them. This is only one of many aspects of "information control" - a well-known sign of cult mind control, per many websites and books that expose cult methodology.

The list of principles of the Baha'i religion is a carefully crafted marketing plan to make the religion appeal to people in western countries such as the USA and Europe. Not everything they say is realistic, good, or in line even with the statements of their founders. For example, they have the principle of the equality of men and women but have different inheritance laws for each and don't allow women on the House of Justice (governing body) ... and they say they have a principle of the unity of religions but that doesn't mean that they respect people of all religions so much as it means that people of all religions can join Baha'i, give up their own religion, and then be united as a Baha'i community.

Baha'is want to say they are "the most wide-spread religion" so they force members in the USA (not sure about other countries) to have a "community" in each and every locality even if it is only two people... for example, say there are 11 people living in a city and 9 people living just outside the city limits. The 9 people living outside the city limits have to form their own "community" and must hold their "19 Day Feast" meetings separately from the 11 people living within the city limits. This is utterly ridiculous, but this way the national Baha'i center can count that as 2 communities or localities where Baha'is reside, rather than just one.

I could go on all day... writing about stupid things about the Baha'i religion. I'm so glad I made that mental break from the religion 18 years ago!

Treachery of Baha’is @ reddit

by Dale Husband

Ever since I joined reddit, I have found it a useful way to connect with others and put out information about certain topics as well as read information from others. Unfortunately, there have been attempts by some to suppress such information.

Take a look at this:

This community has been banned

This subreddit was banned due to being used for spam. If you’d like to take it over please make a post in /r/redditrequest

Uh, I was a subscriber to that community and am prepared to testify under oath that any claim that its users were spamming is a LIE. All it did was post information about Baha’i history, including some criticism of it.

It was created by

This account has been suspended

So both the community and the user that made it were banned from reddit! But I have known that guy for months and he is NOT a spammer.

What really happened was that someone, most likely a Baha’i, REPORTED A35821361 for spamming merely because he sent that person a message, probably with one or more links to information on his community. That is NOT spamming!

This sort of treachery is why I have absolutely NO respect anymore for the Baha’i Faith, because it seems to make its followers engage in backstabbing like this!

And when we ex-Baha’is try to get that community back under our control:

Requesting r/OnThisDateInBahai; This subreddit was banned due to being used for spam. from redditrequest

dragfyre 1 point 1 day ago

I am the top mod of r/bahaihistory, and would love to mod this subreddit to allow us to split off our existing “On This Day…” content into its own subreddit. Our subreddit has existed for a while, and is currently supported by the Today in History project on Bahaikipedia.

aGreenTeaLatte 2 points 17 hours ago

That would be an excellent idea! I second this. r/bahaihistory does need a complementary subreddit to cater to its daily posts, leaving r/bahaihistory for more in-depth discussions of Baha’i history. I think connecting it with the Bahaikipedia project also extends its potential for a subreddit that draws on multiple redditors collaborating.
Also, having a mod with demonstrated experience running and expanding subreddits, collaborating and developing the capacity of others to start modding too, will prevent spam by one individual seeking to make a subreddit his/her own personal message board in future, as was the unfortunate case with r/OnThisDateInBahai.

dragfyre and aGreenTeaLatte are certainly people I will be wary of in the future. Who is to say that in a few more months they won’t try to suppress the original ex-Baha’i community in reddit as well?

The banned user has now created a new blog of Baha’i history:

Let the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, never be suppressed!

Source :
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